Pro Feature Layout

Luminaire manufacturers or planning offices are given the opportunity to design and create individual layouts for the DIALux printouts.

As a starting point, we provide the standard layouts of the DIALux editions in an editable format any design or development department can use to create own layouts. In addition to the DIALux layouts, DIAL provides the Stimulsoft Report Designer for editing the report files, as well as documentation of the required data interface and the use of the report designer.

Here you can find more details about the Pro Feature Layout.


To use the Pro Feature, your system must fulfil the following requirements:

  • DIALux evo 9.0 or higher
  • DIALux Workstation with internet connectivity as well as a user account
  • One license per person and computer for each workstation on which the customized layouts shall be created.

Please note

  • It is not possible to use Pro Features on Virtual Machines.
  • Our offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers.

Single user license

29.99 € / month excl. VAT
  • Log in to DIALux with your account to use the feature on your computer or to try it out.

Team license

29.99 € / month excl. VAT
29.99 € / month / license excl. VAT
  • Assign licenses by email after purchase.
  • Manage your team licenses online at

Pricing scale

In order to allow you a flexible and fair scaling of your number of licenses, our prices follow a volume-dependent price scale: The first license is charged with the basic price of 29.99 € per month. The next two to ten licenses fall under the next lower level at 22.49 € per month each, and so on.

Example: 15 licenses will cost: 1 x 29.99 € + 9 x 22.49 € + 5 x 19.79 € = 331.35 € / month excluding VAT

License Costs per month per license
1st 29.99 € excluding VAT
2nd to 10th 22.49 € excluding VAT
11th to 25th 19.79 € excluding VAT
26th to 100th 15.00 € excluding VAT
101st to 250th 7.50 € excluding VAT
From 251st 3.00 € excluding VAT